NIAMS - T32AR073157, (2019-2024)

PI: D. Rick Sumner; Co-Directors: AM Malfait and Markus Wimmer - "Postdoctoral training in Joint Health"

More info available [here]

NIAMS - P30AR079206, (2021-2026)

PI: AM Malfait; "Chicago Center on Musculoskeletal Pain (C-COMP)"

More info available [here]

NIAMS - R01 AR064251, PI: AM Malfait and RJ Miller (2013-2024) - "Osteoarthritis Progression And Sensory Pathway Alterations"

NIAMS - R01 AR060364, PI: AM Malfait (2011-2026) - "Molecular Pathways of Pain Generation in Osteoarthritis"

NIAMS - R01 AR077019, PI: RE Miller (2021-2026) - "The Role of Mechanosensation Pathways in Osteoarthritis Joint Damage and Pain"

Previous Funding

NIAMS - R61 AR073576, PI: AM Malfait and RJ Miller (2018-2021) - "The Nervous Joint: New Concepts in the Development of Osteoarthritis"

NIAMS - K01 AR070328, PI: RE Miller (2016-2021) - "Biomechanical Pathways Associated with Osteoarthritis Pain"

ANRF - PI: RE Miller (2017-2019) - "Identifying Novel Mechanotransduction Targets for Treating Osteoarthritis"

Rush University - Schweppe Foundation and Armour bequest - PI: RE Miller (2018-2020) - "Role of Chondrocyte Calcium Signaling Pathways in Osteoarthritis"

DOD - PI: A Fosang, Co-PI: AM Malfait (2016-2021) - "The role of an aggrecan 32mer fragment in post traumatic osteoarthritis"

Searle Foundation/Rush University Pilot Grant - PI: RE Miller (2017-2018) - "Chondrocyte Mechanosensitization Contributes to Osteoarthritis"

IASP - Early Career Grant - PI: RE Miller (2016-2017) - "A Functional Imaging Approach to Probe the Role of Mechanosensory Neurons in Experimental Osteoarthritis Knee Pain"

EULAR - PI: AM Valdes (2012-2015) - "Functional genetic variants and molecular mechanisms for pain in knee osteoarthritis"

NIAMS - PI: RE Miller (2013-2015) - F32 Individual Post Doctoral Fellowship

Arthritis Foundation - PI: RE Miller (2012-2014) - Post Doctoral Fellowship

Arthritis Foundation - PI: AM Malfait (2010-2012) - Innovative Research in Osteoarthritis Grant

Rush University Medical Center - PI: AM Malfait - RTSC Pilot Grants (2010-2011 and 2011-2012)